Learning from Home

Normally, the Skyscraper Museum offers Family Program on Saturdays that give kids and parents a chance to see and be inspired by our models, drawings, and more in our gallery, then make their own creative skyscraper designs and city plans. But these are not normal times, so the Museum has adapted some of its resources and activities to Learning at Home! We've created a toolbox of activities for kids to draw from that spark the imagination and engage critical thinking by bringing New York City indoors.

We challenge our young architects, builders, and engineers to respond to real-world questions by drawing from school and world-based knowledge. Through math, science, creative writing, and arts & crafts we offer numerous ways to transform household materials into personalized cities. With content on skyscrapers, NYC history, urban environments, and architecture, we hope your families discover new avenues of thought and new corners of our city!

Activity List:



Holiday Fun