Gallery Rental

The Skyscraper Museum’s mirrored gallery is an ideal setting for parties, receptions, and dinners. Located directly across the street from Robert Wagner Park, with its views of New York Harbor and the Statue of Liberty, the gallery sits at the base of the hotel The Wagner at the Battery. The 3,500 ft2 space can accommodate up to 175 guests and is completely wheelchair accessible by ramp.

Availability: The gallery is available for rental evenings after 6 PM, seven days a week.


Self-catered corporate event: $5,000
Guests must arrange their own catering service.

Non-profit and museum-related rates are available. Discounted rates apply for businesses and organizations in Museum-related fields, including non-for-profit organizations, real estate, construction, architecture, and urban planning. For more information, or to book an event, please call (212) 945-6324 or e-mail [email protected] or download our gallery rental flier.