Peter Cookson Smith

Dr. Peter Cookson Smith is an architect, city planner and urban designer, and the founder and director of Urbis Limited, one of the first planning, environmental, and landscape consultancies in South-east Asia. Since 1977, the firm has worked on over 1500 projects in Hong Kong and the Asia-Pacific area, earning more than 70 local and international awards. The company has won more than 100 local and international awards for their work including the Waterfront Center Excellence on the Waterfront Top Honour Award, and the Global Award for Excellence from the Urban Land Institute, for projects undertaken with the HKSAR Architectural Services Department in 2007.

Dr. Smith has directed a large number of planning, regeneration and urban design projects in Hong Kong, the PRC and other parts of S.E. Asia. He is the author of ‘The Urban Design of Impermanence’ on Hong Kong, and the forthcoming ‘The Urban Design of Concession’ on the Chinese Treaty Ports. He writes and lectures regularly on the subject of urban design and is an Honorary Professor at the Department of Architecture, the University of Hong Kong; a Visiting Lecturer at the Centre of Urban Planning and Environment Management (CUPEM); and the Architectural Society of China’s Continuing Education Program. He is the 2007 Convener of Hong Kong’s Urban Design Alliance made up of representatives from various professional institutes.

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