Christine Loh

Christine Loh is well known for her wide-ranging intellect and her background in law, business, politics, media and the non-profit sector has given her considerable knowledge and insight and experience to become a leading voice in public policy in Hong Kong. In 2000, she founded Civic Exchange with Lisa Hopkinson, and is responsible for charting the think tank’s long-term strategic plan.

Trained as a lawyer, Ms. Loh enjoyed a highly successful 12-year career as a commodities trader, eventually rising to the position of managing director, before spending another two years as a Director of Business Development with a Hong Kong company.

Appointed to the Legislative Council (LegCo) in 1992, she had a popular career as a politician until 2000 when she chose not to seek re-election. Her legislative successes were many and Ms. Loh is particularly proud of the law amendment that enabled the indigenous women of the New Territories to inherit rural land, restructuring the controversial section 30 of the Prevention of Bribery Ordinance, and sponsoring the historic Protection of the Harbor Ordinance.

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