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  • Nearly four hundred years after its founding, New York, the city that grew and grew through “creative destruction,” is a mature metropolis. If New York were a forest, we would describe it as having reached its climax species in many areas, whether in skyscrapers built to their maximum zoning envelope, or in a prevailing belief in many neighborhoods that growth, at least in scale, is undesirable. New York of the future will likely look much the same as it does today-just as Rome, Paris, or London have set their essential identities.

    Yet, as change and growth of population are certain, how can the city adapt and advance in the twenty-first century? Recognizing the need for a great majority of New York’s buildings to be modernized, but not replaced, the Museum examined “greening” the city by spotlighting a range of innovative projects that feature landmark preservation, adaptive re-use, reinvented industrial sites, and sustainable development.