Paul Chu

Paul Chu is a Hong Kong Registered Architect and combines architecture and urbanism research with design. He is currently Head and Associate Professor in the Department of Architecture of Chu Hai College, and Adjunct Assistant Professor in the University of Hong Kong (HKU). A graduate of HKU (B.A. (Architecture Studies) (Hons) and M.Architecture (Distinction), Chu obtained M.Science (Architecture and Urban Design) at Columbia University, where he was made a William Kinne Fellow.

Awarded the “Hong Kong Young Architect Award,” Mr. Chu was a grantee of the Asian Cultural Council for art, architecture and culture interflow in US, and of Hongkong Land for heritage conservation study in Europe. Chu believes that “informal architecture” forms an important basis of Asian culture and has been intrigued by the diversity of the Hong Kong cityscape and the dilemma of the co-existence of both planned and spontaneous urbanism.