The Heart of the City:
Creating Vibrant Downtowns for a New Century

Tue, May 21, 2019
Book Cover of The Heart of the City: Creating Vibrant Downtowns for a New Century. Copyright Island Books
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Downtowns are more than economic engines: they are repositories of knowledge and culture and generators of new ideas, technology, and ventures. If we are to have healthy downtowns, noted urban planner Alexander Garvin argues, we need to understand how and why some American downtowns never stopped thriving, some are in decline, while still others, including Lower Manhattan, are resurging. In The Heart of the City, Garvin proffers how to plan for a mix of housing, businesses, and attractions; improve mobility; manage services; and enhance the public realm to ensure urban vitality.

Alexander Garvin

Alexander Garvin is a noted architect and urban planner. He is an adjunct professor of urban planning and management at Yale University. He heads a planning and design firm in New York City. He is written many books, including What Makes a Great CityThe Planning Game: Lessons for Great CitiesPublic Parks: The Key to Livable Communities; and The American City: What Works, What Doesn’t.