Tue, Mar 12, 2024
Mass Timber 101 for Website

Image courtesy of Timberlab

Can we build tall buildings out of wood? We can. Modern Mass Timber is a new system of building materials that also beats steel and concrete in strength by weight, with only a fraction of their "carbon costs." It's time to learn about this revolutionary material, and we had the perfect professionals to explain: Michelle Roelofs, a structural engineer at Arup who specializes in Mass Timber, and Tanya Luthi, the Director of Engineering at Timberlab, a contractor specializing in Mass Timber structures. They led us through a primer on the history and types of Mass Timber, especially Cross Laminated Timber, or CLT and explainrd its virtues and challenges. 

Michelle Roelofs

Michelle Roelofs is an Associate Principal and Structural Engineer in Arup’s New York office. Her expertise in mass timber dates back a decade to the early days of Mass Timber construction on the team for 475 W 18th St., one of winners the 2014 the US Tall Wood Competition, which is featured in our current exhibition. 

Tanya Luthi

Tanya Luthi, the Director of Engineering at Timberlab, manages mass timber structural engineering strategy, analysis, as well as industry research and development.


The video begins with an introduction of the speakers, Tanya Luthi and Michelle Roelofs, by Museum Director Carol Willis. Their presentations are followed by a dialogue and Q&A.