High Steel:
The Daring Men Who Built the World’s Greatest Skyline

RSVP Tue, Apr 20, 2004 at 12:00 AM
Harper Collins

High Steel is the stirring epic of these men and of the icons they built — and are building still. Shifting between past and present, Jim Rasenberger travels back to the earliest iron bridges and buildings of the nineteenth century; to the triumph of the Brooklyn Bridge and the 1907 tragedy of the Quebec Bridge, where seventy-five ironworkers, including thirty-three Mohawks, lost their lives in an instant; through New York’s skyscraper boom of the late 1920s, when ironworkers were hailed as “industrial age heroes.” All the while, Rasenberger documents the lives of several contempor-ary ironworkers raising steel on a twenty-first-century skyscraper, the Time Warner building in New York City.

Jim Rasenberger