Eero Saarinen

Mon, Dec 5, 2005
Phaidon Press

Author Jayne Merkel will outline Eero Saarinen’s life and career, which includes . 14 years of practice with his father and 10 years of practice as head of Eero Saarinen and Associates. Saarinen is best known for the St. Louis Arch, TWA Terminal at JFK and Dulles Airport, General Motors Technical Center, and American Embassy in London. Merkel will also concentrate on Saarinen’s father, Eliel, and his entry to the Chicago Tribune Tower contest which won second place and fine critical reviews (and brought the family to America). Harold Roth, a New Haven architect, will join Merkel to discuss Saarinen’s only skyscraper, CBS / Black Rock. As a young architect in the Saarinen office, Roth saw the building through construction after Eero died suddenly in 1961 (at age 51).