Building the Brooklyn Bridge, 1869-1883:
An Illustrated History with Images in 3D 

Tue, Jul 12, 2022

Bauer and Dean Publishers, 2021

In Building the Brooklyn Bridge, 1869-1883: An Illustrated History with Images in 3D, JEFFREY RICHMAN, Green-Wood Cemetery's historian and collector of 19th-century New Yorkiana has created a fresh book on a very familiar New York icon. Richman has assembled stereoview and lantern slide photographs of the bridge under construction, as well as woodcuts and other memorabilia, collaborated with other historians and collectors, and mined public archives for unpublished material and one-of-a-kind drawings and specifications to tell the story of how the Brooklyn Bridge came into being. The writer Kurt Andersen calls the book "a perfect feast, a would-be time-traveler’s delight, overflowing with rare and evocative and fascinating images.”

Jeffrey Richman

After 33 years practicing law, JEFFREY RICHMAN became the full-time historian at Brooklyn’s Green-Wood Cemetery in 2007. He has led Green-Wood’s Civil War, World War I, and World War II projects which, with the help of hundreds of volunteers, have identified, written, and posted online biographies for thousands of veterans interred there. He also blogs about his latest discoveries at Green-Wood and is the author of three books, including Brooklyn’s Green-Wood Cemetery: New York’s Buried Treasure (1998).

The video begins with an introduction of Jeffrey Richman by Museum Director Carol Willis. Richman's illustrated talk follows, then a dialogue with Willis and Q&A.