Building Better with Cantilevers and Bridging

Tue, Jul 24, 2018

Join a multidisciplinary expert panel in a thought-provoking conversation about how today’s tall buildings consider every potential dimension a city site offers. Like a 3-D chess match, site assembly by creative development teams offers complex, value-enhancing strategies in dense urban settings.

This panel is presented in conjunction with the museum’s Skyline exhibit, which organizes New York’s nearly 150 years of skyline development and looks at how building’s characteristic forms are often shaped by economic, technological and regulatory factors.

Join the speakers for another program in the Museum’s continuing series of Skyscraper Seminars, exploring subjects of theory and practice for design professionals.


Eugene Flotteron, AIA, Principal, CetraRuddy Architecture
Paul J. Proulx, Partner, Carter Ledyard & Milburn LLP
John Pierce, Senior VP, Design & Construction, Rockefeller Group
Silvian Marcus, PE, Director of Building Structures, WSP