Answers to the sample trivia questions:

Ex 1: I am the World's Tallest Completed Building.

Burj Khalifa

Where am I?

Dubai, UAE, Middle East

How many stories am I?

163 floors

What kind of spaces do I have?

Offices, hotel, observation deck, apartments

Who designed me?

Skidmore, Owings & Merrill


Ex 2: We are skyscrapers with more than 120 stories.

What are our names?

Burj Khalifa, Makkah Clock Tower, Shanghai Tower, Lotte World Tower, Goldin Finance 117, future Jeddah Tower, if completed

Where are we located?

UAE and Saudi Arabia, Middle East; China and South Korea, East Asia


Ex 3: I am the city with the most Supertalls of any city in the world. What city am I?

New York City with 7 supertall skyscrapers


Ex 4: We are supertalls in New York City.

Empire State Building (1931), Twin Towers (1971/1973), One World Trade Center (2014), 432 Park Ave (2015), 30 Hudson Yards (2019), One Vanderbilt (2021), 111 West 57th Street (2021), Central Park Tower (2021)

Who is the tallest?

Central Park Tower and One World Trade Center

Which roof is the highest?

Central Park Tower at 472 meters

What parts do we measure to set my height?

Ground to roof; Ground to spire

When was I completed?

2021; 2014

Ex 5: I was built before 2000.
Who can I be?

Empire State Building (1931), Twin Towers (1971/1973; destroyed, 2001), Willis Tower (1973), Guangzhou CITIC Plaza (1996), Shun Hing Square (1996), Petronas Towers (1998), Jin Mao Tower (1999)

Where was I built?

New York City and Chicago, US; Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia; Shanghai and Guangzhou, China