Tower Tube


The Tower Tube is a tool kit for New York City teachers designed to enhance The Skyscraper Museum’s exhibitions and programs. The primary source materials and activity guide included will help teachers prepare students in NYC for a museum tour. In addition to serving as pre-and post visit materials, the Tower Tube supports classroom instruction on the following social studies concepts and themes:

• New York City history
• Skyscrapers and the development of the urban environment
• Community and neighborhood exploration

The Tower Tube holds a collection of historic images showing New York City skyscrapers, streets, and skylines. These resources – including PHOTOGRAPHS, DRAWINGS, and MAPS – are just a few of the museum’s rare artifacts that tell the story of skyscrapers and their unique place in the history and life of cities.

The Tower Tube Includes:
• 14 enlarged images from The Skyscraper Museum collection
• User manual with comprehensive information about each resource
• Teaching strategies for object based inquiry
• Suggested activities for K-6 lessons and Secondary School activities
• Connections to New York State Regents Exam requirements and Learning Standards in Social Studies

Click here for a preview of the K-6 Tower Tube User's Guide.
Click here for a preview of the 7-12 Tower Tube User's Guide. 

The Skyscraper Museum thanks Chris Esteban and A. Esteban & Company for pro bono printing services for more than a decade of free Tower Tubes.